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  • Reading: City of Thieves (again)
</u>Hey, I'm bored, so why not? **shot**

Warning: You will not be able to view these without a Pixiv account.

Warning #2: This contains nothing but Hetalia pictures. Sorry.

Warning #3: Contains no blood, yaoi, yuri, or smut. Pretty much, you can rest assured that these are all pretty much G-rated. xD

Also, I will add a warning of whatever pairings may be in the picture, if there are any at all. (Chances are, there will be very few, and will all be boy/girl. Sorry, I'm not into the shounen ai. :)

"Heaven is Where..."…
Dude, I'm so glad someone drew something for the "In heaven, the police are British, the mechanics are German, etc..." My favorite part of this was Iggy in police uniform, although Prussia in glasses was definitely amusing. XD

"Super Smash Bros Hetalia"…
Epic. Just...epic.

[can't read title]…
The otaku!Kiku hugging the pillow made me laugh.

"Painting" (?)…
Little Taiwan and Japan. ; v ; So pretty...

"No, I don't know this person"…
Made me lol. Really hard.

"Happy Forever"…
Cute and beautiful picture of chibi Slav. For some reason, the look on Russia's face makes me feel weepy.

"Childhood Promise"…
Another chibi Slav (by the same artist). The title and pic on this one make me weepy, as well. OTL

[can't read title]…
Prussia and little Germany. I rather like this interpretation of Germany as a kid. Although, when I look at it, I think of Alphonse Elric. OTL **shot**

"Beautiful Person, Three" (?)…
Nice pic of Japan. These past four pictures were all by the same artist, by the way.

[can't read title; something about "choice"?]…
A pic of Russia with his pickax. I just appreciate the fact that the artist could pull off his goofy outfit (as seen in Chapter 5) without making it look...completely atrocious. xD Ah, also, if you're really into yandere characters, her gallery's full of them.

"Dosei!" (Just a sound effect, I think; no need to translate. XD)…
[LITHUANIA X BELARUS] Cute and colorful pic of Bela and Liet. CX

[big long title I'm not bothering to read **shot**]…
Otaku!Japan. idk, man, I just like the fact that he's gripping pens with his toes.

Also, I just noticed this, but there's an entire tag for Otaku!Japan, America, and France. XD It's called something like "the Otaku Big 3".

"Honda Kiku"…
Really nice picture of Japan. I like this kind of style.

Another note: Japan fangirls will like this. XD There's a tag for Japan called 男前な本田 ("handsome Honda"). I lol'd. But at the same time, I couldn't help checking it out. Almost ALL of the pictures feature him with katana, and generally looking like a badass. XDDD

"Realization of Power"…
Oh snap, kick-ass duo. U:

"Calabria Tortoise Case" (?)…
This was just too cute. ; 3 ; Spain and Romano on a giant turtle.

"Country Where a Flower Lies"…
[JAPAN X TAIWAN] Really pretty picture. <3 I can't help but like this pairing, even though HongKong x Taiwan is OTP for me. OTL

"Association of the Axis Meeting" (fff--too tired to make that sound good)…
Some cute chibis of the main gang~ <3

Aaaaand, that's it. Here's a good list of tags used for Hetalia, if you'd like to search for some pics, yourself. CX…

P.S. I'm too tired to go back and check all the links, so I hope nothing's broken (and that all the links lead to the right pages, lol).
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  • Reading: City of Thieves (again)
</u>Okay, so I've been getting this same note over and over again, and I just feel the need to rant about it.


Cool anime art.
F*ck you, stalker.

I work on a cool new anime site.
You mean the OTHER anime site? Out of the five million that already exist?

We have a a large art section, you can have albums on your page too.
GASP. A revolutionary concept to be explaining to someone with a dA account.

we have other things too like rpg and have games.

"We" should be capitalized. There should be a comma before and after "too". I'm not even going to comment on "and have games".

You look like you would be a good member.

We also need some staff for the art and anime sections,
Because no one wants to work for us.

but members are more importaint.
Because we have no members. Also, lol, "importaint".

Its free
Everything on the intarwebz is nowadays.

Do you want to join?

Also, I like the enthusiasm of this writer. Billy Mays would be proud.

In any case, if you got some laughs out of this, that'd be great, but I'm not feeling very funny right now, so I won't blame you if you didn't. : Just wanted to point out some spam fail.

In other news, I'm sick of people asking me for my Skype. WHY DOES ANYONE THINK I'D BE INTERESTING TO TALK TO, ANYWAYS?</strike>

Lately I have been watching Pablo Francisco and wishing that I could imitate the movie announcer guy's voice. D| Or Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sometimes I can do decent impressions of stereotypical accents and such, but as a woman, I can't do manly voices.
Also, I almost never do imitations for anyone except for my mom, lol. Probably because I know she will laugh, no matter how bad it might be.

But funnily enough, I haven't the slightest clue how to do a Persian/Iranian accent, even though a lot of my family has it. D| I guess because I'm so used to hearing it.

I'm not going to renew it, though, because I realized that I don't even use most of the benefits it provides, other than the journal quirks. The past few days, I've hardly even noticed a difference between the premium and free memberships. : So until I suffer a loss that I JUST CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT, I will probably not renew it.



Sun Sep 27, 2009, 8:02 AM
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  • Drinking: biscuits

</u>I guess it's a pretty bad sign when you have so many stamps that by the time one turns into :thumbXXXXXXXX:, you can't even remember what was there to begin with. :

And honestly, I think it's the fate of all stamps to turn into :thumbXXXXXXXX:, because the people who make stamps seem to have an odd affinity for deleting them. I still cannot figure out why.

btw, remember that can of Dutch candy I had a while back? The one that was expired? (I don't blame you if you don't remember.) I finally finished eating all of them, and the can is now a very festive pencil holder.



Le sigh. I feel like I should be doing something AMAZING!!! right now. I'm not even sure what AMAZING!!! thing I'm supposed to be doing, but I'm not doing it. :

I sort of want to work on a Japan cosplay for the next con, but at the moment I have no materials to work with, and I can't go to the store because my parents aren't home. (THIS IS WHY I NEED TO HURRY UP AND GET MY DRIVER'S LICENSE, LOL.)
Although, it could be fun running around the house looking for things to use for the cosplay. But honestly, I don't think we have any spare Japanese naval outfits lying around.


...Oh, and :iconkatzekins: wants me to be Dark Link when she dresses as Link. xD;; I'm still thinking about that one. Japan is an easy cosplay, but Dark Link? Not so much.
However, she was already thinking about being America, which is why I'm tempted to go as Japan in the first place. :) It's too bad you can't bring real weapons to cons, though, because my brother has an awesome katana I could use. D| (IT'S NOT EVEN SHARP, JEEZ.) I guess if I do dress up, I'll take pics with it at home.

Also, I wish Japan wore boots like virtually everyone else in that manga, because I just got a pair of military-esque boots that would have worked perfectly. Sad face.

  • Listening to: Marukaite Chikyuu (the yandere versions **shot**)



Oh my god, what a cute voice (and oh jeez, his little "ufu!" giggle-thing kills me). ; v ; And the bg music is so catchy!
I really wanted to try translating the lyrics, but I could find neither the kanji nor the romanji transcriptions of it. D: So that was a bit disappointing. But I know that it'll be translated eventually if I just wait. >3<

But in the meantime, I found this really great fanmade Belarus Marukaite Chikyuu:



Hey, hey, papa
give me some vodka
Hey, hey, mama,
hey, hey, mama

I can't forget the taste
of the draniki1</sub> I had before

Draw a circle, there's the earth
Draw a circle, there's the earth
Draw a circle, there's the earth
I am Belorussia2</sub>

Draw a circle, there's the earth,
Stare a little, there's the earth,
Should that happen to be the earth,
I am Belorussia

Ahh, with just a paintbrush,
you can see such a wonderful world
The meaning of "Bela" is white and west3</sub>

(Big brother? Are you over there?
Marriage Marriage Marriage...)

Draw a circle, there's the earth
Draw a circle, there's the earth
Draw a circle, there's the earth
I am Belorussia

Draw a circle, there's the earth,
Stare a little, there's the earth,
Bursting through the door, there's the earth,
I am Belorussia

Aah, a happy recipe that calls for a 3-day soaking
(I love Salo5</sub>)
No, that's Kefir!6</sub>

Hey hey, brother,
how are you?
Well, then, please sign this calendar7</sub>
Hey, hey, sister,
can you make some sour cream?
Yes yes, child (It's for Big Brother's sake)

Gulp, gulp, papa,
give me some vodka
Hey hey, mama,
hey hey, mama

I can't forget the taste
of the draniki I had before

Modern libraries
are really funky
(Note: I'm not making this up; this is really what it said. Afterward, she starts talking again about libraries and "funky", so...I guess there's some joke I'm not getting. And idk exactly what she's saying on this part, since it wasn't written in the subtitles.)

Draw a circle, there's the earth
Draw a circle, there's the earth
Draw a circle, there's the earth
I am Belorussia (Belarus)

Ahh, with just a paintbrush,
you can see such a wonderful world
A rather pretty woman

Aah, a sleeping recipe of joy in the world
An exploration with my big brother

(Excuse me)

1</sub>Draniki=a potato pancake
2</sub>Belorussia=old name of Belarus. It was never changed in Japanese, so it felt strange translating it as "Belarus" when she was saying "Belorussia"...
3</sub>Fun fact: "Belarus" comes from the term "white Rus", as Belarus has sometimes been called "white Russia".
4</sub>Ruthenia=area in Eastern Europe that includes Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, as well as small parts of Poland and Slovakia.
5</sub>Salo=salted pork fat (**gag**)
6</sub>"No, that's Kefir!"=A Japanese meme that originated from a commercial for a drink called Kefir. Don't try very hard to understand it; it doesn't make a lot of sense, lol
7</sub>"Please sign this calender." "That's a MARRIAGE LICENSE!!"

I still don't get the thing about funky libraries, but whatever. xD;;
It was really fun doing this, because, though most of it was Japanese, some parts were Russian and Belorussian.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this! CX



Sat Sep 19, 2009, 2:21 PM
  • Listening to: I'm Sorry, But That's How it Is (Kiku Honda)


So I was sitting in piano class the other day, ja? And before we start playing, my teacher says, "Ok, y'all need to start picking up your personal belongings before you leave. Because we've got some people in here leaving stuff around the pianos. Now, I don't know if it was you guys or another class, so I'm telling this to everyone."

Then someone mutters something I couldn't quite catch that made some people gasp/laugh.

The teacher heard it, though, and goes, "Yes, I found a....very fancy undergarment under the piano." Cue laughter.

Someone brought up the question of exactly what kind of undergarment we were talking about here. "A bra," she said.

So everyone's laughing and giving general expressions of disgust and astonishment, when I hear the guy next to me saying to his friend that he'd heard some people were doing it in the class (after school or something, I imagine) on the piano that the bra was found under, and "that's why the keys stick".

So yeah, too much information right there.

Class started, and I began practicing my piece, when I realized that something wasn't right. I tried playing the keys around middle C.

They stuck. FML


On one last note, liek, what's up with not being able to fullview or download anything? :iconbetchplz:
Or is that just me who's having this problem?



Fri Aug 28, 2009, 3:20 PM
  • Listening to: Servant of Evil (Russian Fandub)
  • Reading: Wurthering Heights (UGH. DO NOT WANT.)

</u>I JUST noticed the wall of "happy birthdays" on my main page. I'm so sorry! D':> I feel awful for noticing all of those nice comments so late.

In short, I just wanted to say thank you and sorry at the same time. ; v ;

Right now, I'm dying to draw something but I'm just not sure what. : I may upload some more doodles I did for Crime and Punishment. xD;; **obsessed with drawing those characters OTL**

For my Digital Media Independent Studies class, I'm making a flash game that teaches Japanese. The nice thing is, since my teacher will apparently be watching us like a hawk, I'll actually finish this game unlike all the other flash projects I've started and subsequently given up.

I may put up a demo of it or something, who knows. C: **is just talking about it to have something to write here; SHOT**

Also, I'll be starting French class soon in school, so I'm super excited about that. 8D I only know a few things in French so far, like:

Bonjour, comment allez-vous?
Je m'appelle ItaLuv.
Je t'aime~

And, of course, the ever-important:

Un homme qui parle trois langues est trilingue.
Un homme qui parle deux langues est bilingue.
Un homme qui ne parle qu'une langue est anglais.

Although personally, I think it should read, "Un homme qui ne parle qu'une langue est americain." (Sorry, no accent-mark, because je suis americain like that.)

And then there's little words like "oui" and "quoi" and "mon cheri" and things that pretty much everyone knows. Oh, and "merci", which growing up as a child I thought was a Farsi word, since we borrowed it from the French. xD;;

I'm excited to be able to toss around French words in my sentences. Or maybe even to toss around French sentences, who knows. DREAM BIG.
I don't know if speaking random French will make people like me more or hate me more, but either way I'm thrilled at the prospect.

Pie-san has a fanclub now! :iconexciteddemensplz:

But it needs members (for some reason, I'm one of the presidents xD;; **not sure why**). SO JOIN, PLZ~

I sense a popularity war in the near future~ >w> **SHOT**

Also, another recommendation I promised to do ages ago and nearly forgot about it:…
It's a fandub of "Servant of Evil" in Russian, and it's absolutely beautiful. I'm not even a big fan of fandubs, but I still love it. ; 3 ; If you're a vocaloid fan, you should go check it out.

I'm pretty sure there was something else I was going to recommend, but I forgot what it was. OTL I think I have premature Alzheimer's or something, srsly...

Au revoir!



Thu Aug 27, 2009, 3:29 PM
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</u>Feh, I got so nauseated at the thought of going through my comments that I DELETED ALL OF THEM FWAHAHAHAHA.

So uh, yeah, anyways. If you had something SUPER important to tell me, and I didn't see it, drop me a note.
But it had better be really important. I'm not answering unless someone's arms have been ripped off. I: TRUFAX. **shot**

Okay, so maybe I exaggerate a little.

SPEAKING OF AXE-MURDERERS, I just got through reading Crime and Punishment (by Fyodor Dostoyevsky) and man, it was awesome. I'm sure people irl are sick of hearing about it from me, so I thought I'd rave about it on here.

That book kind of screws with your mind. Seriously, by the end, I really didn't feel like Raskolnikov was a criminal, and in fact, I felt rather sorry for him.
See, if this were a manga or something, and he was some kind of bishounen, I would blame my sympathy on his pretty face (with copious amounts of shame), but there are no pictures here. And in fact, he's described to be pretty worn down, sickly, thin, and generally unkempt for the most part. So even though the image in my head was a little better than that, it's not like the book went out of it's way to make you think he was much of a looker.

I think, really, it was having to suffer through all of the crap he constantly thinks about. It's well-written crap, but it's crap all the same.
That man over-thinks things to the point where I thought I was going insane just reading it. And I think that's where the sympathy came in, because I couldn't imagine having to live like that all the time.

Also, deranged murderers are kind of hot in a way, Y/Y?

But of course, he also plays on your sympathy in other ways, too (I need to find a different word than "sympathy" **flips through a thesaurus**). Giving money away, helping out Sonia's family, etc. And I actually felt triumphant when he ended up falling for Sonia. xD;; **is a little bit of a romantic, deep down**

Also--FFFFF, my mom wants me to help with dinner, otherwise I'd write much more. : I guess on one last note, I've started school, so I'll probably be uploading a lot more sketches and doodles and whatnot. xD


I almost cried with joy when I heard it. ; v ;


END HIATUS and Birthday

Tue Aug 11, 2009, 4:14 PM
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  • Watching: Hetalia Episode 28

</u>Tadaima! ヾ( ^ ∇ ^ )

I'm back from Japan, which was...HEAVEN ON EARTH. No lie. I can't even describe in full how great it was. Q u Q
I'll be putting up photos on my blog soon, so please look forward to that.

Also, I completely forgot until MapleCake reminded me, birthday's coming up in six days (Aug 17). :iconotlplz:

Why do I always forget my own birthday, idk.

Anyways, it'll take a lot of audacity on my part, but I'm going to try asking my mom for Vocaloid for my birthday.
I saw them on sale in Japan, but I was too stingy to buy them for myself. OTL

I need a new journal CSS. : It's so bland right now, even with the pictures.

Will be uploading some special sketches soon. PX< **putting on the finishing touches**

P.S. If you haven't seen Hetalia, ep 28 yet, GO WATCH IT NOW.…

Ivan's laugh at 1:55...WHAT A DRUNKARD, LOL.



APH Situation Survey - A day off!

You are spending your time with the 92 APH members on your day off.
Choose the option you like the most.

You just woke up. Today is Sunday.
1."Hurry up and wake up, kono obakasanga." Austria who prepared breakfast and came to wake you up at 7 am.
2."What? You're waking up already?" It's past noon but Spain's arms are wrapped around you.
3."I recorded the morning anime for you." Isn't it for your self, Japan?


What will you do today?
1."A wedding with brother." Belarus. Of course.
2."I want to plant Sunflower seeds. It's ok with you right?" Russia who smiles at you innocently.
3."The other day I bought Japan's new game!" Alfred who brings out two controllers.

ANSWER: 2! 2!! * A * Uhooo!! So cuuuuute! **horrible judge of character**

What will you do for lunch?
1."It's almost done~." You smell something really good coming from the kitchen, and see France cooking with his apron on.
2."The fried rice is ready! Eat it." China who offers you fried rice.
3."Al dente is good for your pasta right?" "What do you want the sauce to be~?" Romano and Feliciano making pasta for you!

ANSWER: Sorry, China-nii, but I don't want lead poisoning I don't like fried rice. ; w ; I'll take the pasta, please!

It's such a nice day! So you go outside.
1."I get sleepy when its warm..." Play with a cat with Greece.
2."Doesn't this taste really good?" You eat freshly picked tomatoes with Spain.
3."I can't get it right." Blow bubbles with Sealand.


It suddenly started to rain!
1."Oh! I need to go take in the laundry!" A housewife like Lithuania.
2."Hey.......I can see through your clothes." Perverted Britannia angel Arthur who is looking away from you, blushing.
3."Don't cause me trouble by getting sick." Ludwig who dries your hair with a towel when getting back to his house.

ANSWER: 2, because I love Arthur. 1, "Hurry, Liet, or we'll have to wash the clothes again!" DB> **rushes around with laundry basket**

The day is almost over.
1."You bought that can of beer I asked for, didn't you?" You nod and Prussia pats you on the head.
2."Let's watch this drama together!" Watch a Korean drama with S Korea
3."Stop staying awake and go to sleep!" You were watching TV but was ordered to bed by Switzerland.

ANSWER: **gets shot at by Switzerland** BUT--BUT--SAMURAI CHAMPLOO IS ON.


APH Chibi Dream Survey
 One day the Hetalia characters shrank and are back to their child self.
 You will spend one day with them.
 Choose your favorite action made by characters.

When you wake up in the morning...
1)"Nnya...." Don't sleep naked! Chibitalia
2)"This is a dream isn't it?" Chibi Kiku who can't accept reality.
3)"Hm? The cat expanded in size..."You shrank! Chibi Greece.

ANSWER: 2, lol, Kiku, that's exactly what I would be acting like.

So it's breakfast・・・
1)" can't reach it!!" Chibi Romano who stretches to reach his food.
2)"You're going to feed me, right?" Chibi Ivan who is still Ivan even as a kid.
3)"Mu...I can't eat this. You eat it." Chibi China who is being fed by you.

ANSWER: 2 TTuTT BAAAAAAW YES, YES I WILL FEED YOU! lol "still Ivan even as a kid". So true; my rp buddies will attest to that.

Ok, now what.
1)"Ok then like, play with meeee" Chibi Poland
2)"Although I shrank, I still need to train everyday!" Chibi Ludwig who tries to wear his uniform but the sleeves are drooping on the floor.
3)"I want to make dessert" Chibi Austria....

ANSWER: 2, because that image is too cute to ignore

It's time for noon nap time!
1)"Help me get into my pajamas." Isn't it only a noon nap time? Chibi Switzerland.
2)"Ok, so we're sleeping together right?" Chibi France who can't hide his excitement.
3)"'s not that I can't sleep by myself...." Chibi Arthur who is grabbing your hand.

ANSWER: Normally, I'd pick 1, but...Chibi Arthur is too cute! ; n ; **picks 3**

Now it's time to take a bath. (what?)
1)"I'll be in first!" Chibi South Korea who gets naked in 3 seconds.
2)" I can't..." Chibi Kiku who is embarrassed and hides in a corner.
3)"Ahh....That was good!" Chibi Canada who is already out.

ANSWER: 2 ONSEN TIEM! **drags him to the girl's bath** After going to Japan, I'm in love with onsens now. xD;;

The next day they returned to their normal selves.
1)"Oh yes finally! It's hard to take care of Poland when I'm small." Lithuania who starts to rant.
2)"I'm back to normal!" Even though you're back you're still small...*niyo niyo* - Sealand
3)"Hey! I'm the only one not turning back!"'re the only one? ChibiGilbo

ANSWER: 3, lol Because I love torturing Gilbo in both the rp and ooc. 8D


[Hetalia decision survery]

You were invited to their house.
1.Russia- although you don't have an airplane ticket back.
2.England- Don't really want his scones
3.Italy- You might become Italian

ANSWER: .......FFFFFFFFFFFF......**has always wanted to go to England irl, but wants to pick 1 just because it's Ivan**

Which do you want to play with?
1.Greece's cat
2.England's unicorn
3.America's alien

ANSWER: ..............................<.< >.> ................................1

You think you can either...
1.Stop the drunk England from going crazy
2.Fight back at France who is trying to *beep* you.
3.Sealing Mr. Dangerous. (as in Russia)

ANSWER: 3, because I don't even get the reference. :iconimhappyplz:

An unlikely person sends you a letter asking to be your friend.
1.Are you sick or something? -Switzerland
2.Did something bad happen? - Germany
3.Wonder if he's up to something... - Prussia

ANSWER: 1 lolwhut

Right when you were about to fall asleep, a kid snuggles into your bed.
1."Sleep with meeee!" Chibi America who watched a horror movie
2."It....It's not that I'm lonely..." Chibi England who's voice is getting smaller.
3."Weh, let's sleep together!" So cute....Chibitalia

ANSWER: 2 ; v ; So cute! **boots cute Alfred out of the bed**

For this survey you will tag...
1."at least 10 people, right?" Scary Russia...
2."Send it to 5 people." An order by Austria.
3."let the people tag themselves" China who seems he doesn't care.

ANSWER: Sorry, Ivan. xD **picks 3 because I'm a lazy punk**


[Hetalia decision survey 2]

You're hungry...
1."I didn't make it just for you! They're just left overs!" A wonderful tsundere, England.
2."Do you want to eat at my house?" Japan who offers delicious food.
3."Eat cheese." What...are you serious? Switzerland

ANSWER: England, you're lovable, but your food is not. Japan, I've been eating your food for two weeks and I'm sick of it. Switz...I don't like cheese. ; x ;

Today is Valentines Day!
1."What? For me? Thanks!!" Spain who is very happy to get one.
2."Like really? Thanks!" Poland who seems pretty happy and hugs you.
3."...what? M, me!?" Prussia who is blushing like crazy.

ANSWER: I PICK IVAN. Prussia, you're taking this obligation chocolate too seriously. T:<

If you can shrink someone with a miracle....
1."What are you thinking?" Russia don't want to know what he'll do to you.
2."What? Am I being targeted?" Yep, Brother France.
3."What are you going to do with me!?" Going to shrink you, Austria.

ANSWER: :iconiloveitplz: Miniature Russia tiem is naow, yes?

Who would you choose to make him wear a Halloween costume?
1."He...Hey, STOP!" No we're not stopping....Germany.
2."Weh~! What do you want me to wear?" Seems like he's up to it. Italy.
3."What...what? Naniaruka!?" China.

ANSWER: **sticks Feliciano in a Mario outfit**

For this survey you will tag...
1."At leat 10 people!!!" South Korea.
2."Around 5 people?" Sweden who is pretty serious about it.
3."One...? Someone?" Lithuania who is trying his best.




Tue Jul 21, 2009, 5:14 PM
  • Listening to: Holiday (Green Day)
  • Reading: City of Thieves
  • Watching: Hetalia Episode 26


It's becoming a pain going around to all my online accounts to put up a notice about this. xD;;

In any case, I'll be leaving for Japan on Thursday and won't be back for two weeks~


As soon as I saw the opening line from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, I had to take this survey. XD

Stolen from :iconexplosive-toaster:

The 90's... Good times, man.

You remember watching:

[ ] Kenan and Kel
[ ] Doug
[ ] Pinky & the Brain
[ ] AAAAAAAH Real Monsters!
[ ] Rocko's Modern Life
[ ] Animaniacs
[ ] Gargoyles
[ ] Hey Arnold!
[ ] Out of the Box
[ ] Beavis & Butt-Head
(I...I didn't watch a lot of Western cartoons... :iconotlplz:)

[x] You’ve ever ended a sentence with the word "PSYCHE!"
[x] You just can’t resist finishing this: "In west Philadelphia born and raised...". ("...On the playground was where I spent most of my days.")

You remember:

[ ] Step by Step
[ ] Family Matters
[x] Dinosaurs
[ ] Boy Meets World
[x] Full House
[x] You remember when it was actually worth getting up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons (POKEMANZ **shot**)

When everything was settled by:

[x] "Rock/paper/scissors"
[x] "Bubble gum, bubble gum in a dish"
[x] "Miss Mary Mack"

[ ] When kickball was something you did everyday
[ ] You used to listen to the radio all day long
[x] Just to record your FAVORITE song of ALL time on a tape (My boom box was my best friend; I had tons of cassette tapes xD)

[x] You remember Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis
[x] You remember The Original Game Boy (We played that thing so much ; w ;  )
[ ] You always wanted to send in a tape to America’s Funniest Home Videos...

You remember watching:

[x] The Magic School Bus
[x] Wishbone
[x] Reading Rainbow
[ ] Ghostwriter
[ ] Are you Afraid of the Dark (I was phobic of this show; I remember hiding behind a couch once for an hour waiting for the back-to-back episodes to end. xD;;  )
[x] You remember when Yo-Yo's were cool (I wasn't very good at it, though)
[x] You remember those "Where’s Waldo" books
[x] You remember eating Warheads and Gushers (Gushers were a rare treat, we weren't usually allowed to eat things like that ; u ;  )

You listen / listened to:

[ ] KoRn
[ ] Tool
[ ] Garbage
[x] Green Day (FFFF--YES. I'm listening to them right now, in fact XD)
[ ] Clutch
[ ] Jesus Jones
[ ] White Zombie
[ ] Violent Femmes
[ ] Beastie Boys
[ ] Danzig
[ ] Red Hot Chili Peppers
[ ] Primus
[ ] Slayer
[ ] Pantera
[ ] GWAR
[ ] Ministry

You remember watching:

[ ] Batman the Animated Series
[x] Aladdin (YES. **sobs** My favorite! I still watch it! In many different languages! C':>  )
[ ] Ninja Turtles
[ ] Ghost Busters

[x] You remember Ring Pops (Why did we used to like those things...?)
[x] You remember when everything was "da BOMB!" (LAWL)
[x] You remember boom boxes vs. CD players (I had a blue boom box that I thought Santa built just for me <XD)
[x] Making those little paper fortune cookie things, and then predicting your life with them
[ ] You had at least one Tamagotchi, GigaPet or Nano (To quote explosive-toaster:"I WANTED ONE SO BAD")

You watched the original cartoons of:

[x] Rugrats
[x] Wild Thornberrys
[ ] Power Rangers

Ladies only
[ ] All your school supplies were "Lisa Frank" brand (xD;; I sold myself out to Pokemon merchandise)

You collected:

[x] Beanie Babies
[x] Pokemon cards
[ ] Carebears
[x] Silver dollars (I was a miser, even as a kid)

You remember when:

[ ] Everyone watched the WB (The what...?)
[x] Everybody knew all the Pokemon by name (I used to be able to list them all, in order. I still know them all by name, though....THE ORIGINALS, THAT IS. >:C)
[x] Digimon was still on

Check these if:

[x] If you even know what an original Walkman is.
[ ] You know the Macarena by heart
[x] "Talk to the hand"
[x] You went to McDonald’s to play in the playplace and it was still sanitary ("Sanitary"...? McDonalds? I think not.)
[x] Light up sneakers were cool
[x] You rented VHS tapes, not DVDs (; u ; Still watch VHS sometimes)
[x] Gas was $0.95 a gallon (OTL)
[x] We recorded stuff on VCR
[ ] You had slap bracelets
[x] You actually played outside until it was dark (When I wasn't too afraid of kidnappers, that is xD **was very phobic as a kid**)


OC-Related News

Fri Jul 10, 2009, 5:26 PM
  • Listening to: Canon (Pachelbel)

</u>So lately I've been thinking of changing Amir from being modern-day Iran to the Persian Empire (pre-1935). P: He seems to be more like that, imo: a once-conqueror who's settled down and retired.

idk, I would have to go back and change a lot of things, which I don't necessarily feel like doing. D|;;

I've been considering a lot of changes recently, though. I've also been thinking of making Søt/Sugar's outfit that she wore during that old OC tournament her canon outfit.… Because, to be honest, I don't know why I ever put her in a kimono in the first place, since it's not fitting at all for her character. DX
People seem to like drawing her more in that OCT outfit, as well.

And then, of course, there's the issue of Forte/Pepper's hair WHICH THE POLL IS NOT REALLY HELPING. :iconotlplz:

Lastly, I have some big news for Shin fans: after talking with :iconcrazygurl123:, we've decided to make Shin x Lolli (as seen here…) a canon pairing. :D Which should be interesting.


...And the sad thing is, as far as being a murderer goes, I personally think she's even scarier than Demens. Because she's cutesy but super-deadly (also, she hates men, so good luck to Shin).

I'll probably draw something for that soon, but I wanted to go ahead and say so here.

And finally, I'd like to apologize for not being very active in recent days. D| I'm currently trying to weed through all my comments and whatnot, so I'm sorry for that. I'll try and get more artwork up soon.

P.S. I'm on Tegaki E now, so come visit me! 8D **shameless advertising; SHOT**…



Wed Jun 17, 2009, 4:34 PM

</u>For those of you who aren't keeping up with my blog I HATE YOU OMIGOSH **shot** just kidding XD, here's hopefully some incentive for you to visit:



FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, IT'S...**fanfare** THE REAL NAMES OF MY CHARACTERS! Plus extra never-before-seen/altered info concerning the actual story.


That didn't have as much impact as I'd hoped. : But yeah, if you want to see, go check out the page titled "Character Bios":…

Hopefully you won't be disappointed. ;D
And hopefully I won't regret this later.

Man, I sure said "hope" (or some variation of the word) here a lot. : MAYBE I'LL BECOME PRESIDENT SOMEDAY, WHAT DO YOU THINK? **shotdown**

And with that, I'm signing off! PX



Sun Jun 14, 2009, 5:00 PM
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  • Watching:
  • Eating: Holland Hopjes

</u>**shot for obnoxious title and for submitting two journals in one day**




So yeah, that should be fun. I don't know how well I'll be able to manage a blog, but I'll try my best! ;9 Please think kind thoughts for me~!


Aristocracy and Expired Food

Sat Jun 13, 2009, 11:17 PM
  • Listening to: Uninstall (KAITO)
  • Watching:
  • Eating: Holland Hopjes

</u>...I found a can of some suspiciously innocent-looking Dutch food shoved in the back of my pantry and forgotten (from when my cousin came to visit). It's kind of in a cute can, with tulips and stuff painted on it. The labels are all in Dutch, so I have no idea what they say. Whatever it is, it's called, "Holland Hopjes".

Upon further inspection, I realized that it had expired a month ago.


Turns out they're some kind of toffee-flavored candies. I was really worried when I first opened it that it was licorice inside. They're pretty good, but I'm not sure how this kind of thing can expire. I guess if I die, then I'll know something went wrong!

So anyways, since no one else is eating them, I'm keeping them in my room. :I Along with a prying mechanism, cause they're all stuck together. You have to have the strength of Superman to pull them apart. Or a really good butter knife.

Hey, did anyone else see that new Pixar/Disney film "Up"? 8D I won't spoil anything, except that YOU WILL CRY. And not even at just the end. Ten, maybe fifteen minutes in? You'll wish you had waited for the DVD so that you could SOB in the comfort of your own home.

But other than becoming dehydrated through the loss of tears that, it was a charming and humorous film. :) **shot**

Also, I'm learning the piano! C: I can play a few songs, and it's pretty hard! I like it.
My goal will be to someday play the Für Elise, Turkish March, and Canon! *д* Huff huff! I can do it! FIGHTING SPIRIT!

Even though I've already learned the flute and sheet music in general, the concept of sharps and flats still manages to slip me up every time. =A=;;

"Wait, so an E sharp would be an F flat and an F sharp would be a G flat, so then, would I press this key for that note, and this key for--FFFFFFFF--FORGET IT." :iconffffplz:

This ends up happening every time.

I usually just start slapping the keys until something sounds right.

For any fans of Irish classical out there, one of my favorite songs to play is Danny Boy/Londonderry Air. C: I also like to play the Star-Spangled Banner, which is strange, since I'm certainly not the most patriotic American around.
Who else thinks that "America the Beautiful" would have made a better national anthem? I mean, really, no one ever even remembers the lyrics to the Star-Spangled Banner. =m=;;

For the first time the other day, I learned that the popular American song "My Country, 'Tis of Thee" completely ripped off the tune of "God Save the Queen". Shameful...


America needs to shut up about freedom. : **SHOT**

Now that I think about it, when it comes to the actual lyrics of national anthems, I never really pay attention. I'm more into it for the tune. =w=

Except for Japan's, which is about rocks that roll around and collect moss. It is also notably only five lines long. PFFT, LOL.



First Day of Summer O:

Fri Jun 5, 2009, 3:48 PM
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  • Playing: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
  • Eating: veggies

</u>MY iPOD. IT HAS FAILED. :noes:

So yeah...good thing I've got money saved up, otherwise I'd have no symphonies and no Delicious Tomato songs for a while. xD;;

But you know, when you listen to your music player a lot, you get attatched to it. Then when it inevitably dies, you feel kind of sad and bewildered. :
Or at least, that's what happens to me. I could just be a freak or something, IDK.

Take my old mp3 player, for example. I've had that thing for seven years or more, and I can't bear to toss it out, even though I never use it anymore. ; A ; (It does make for a good back-up, though, whenever my iPod runs out of power.)

Earlier today we went to the post office. P: We're going to Japan this summer, and all of our passports expired, so they had to be renewed. IT TOOK 4 HOURS. @__@ The line for passports was nearly out the door. I kid you not.

I thought people were traveling less these days because of the economic slump??

And once we finally got in, it took all of five minutes. : That's how it always goes.

So anyways, we're going...later this month, I think? =A= (For some reason, I can't remember the date for the life of me.)

Even though I've known for months, it's taking some time for me to wrap my mind around the idea. My lifelong dream, finally realized...
Uhh...I'll probably be completely clueless about it up until we're stepping off the plane (I always do that). Then in the terminal I'll be like, "ASLKDJFLKSJDLKSDJKL--I'M IN JAPAN, I'M IN JAPAN--GAAAAAAH!!" And then I'll roll around on the floor and get stepped on or something. :P

But the thing I'm worried about most is that the job of translation will most likely fall on my shoulders. My grandmother is too old to come with us, and my mom...uh...I'll be straightforward: she sucks at Japanese she's not that good at it.

So I'm definitely very anxious, but in a good way. Fighting spirit! I'll do my best! U:<

I'm just so worried that I'll freak out and end up looking like this...

Or worse, like this:GIRUGAMESH!

Speaking of translation, I'm dying to do a version of Maru Kaite Chikyuu (the Hetalia ending theme) in Farsi. DX It's become kind of a meme to sing it in your language.
I can sing it well in Japanese (as far as memorizing the words/saying them right; I'm not talking about my singing talent XD), but that's already been done... Yet at the same time, I'm not proficient enough in Farsi to translate. And I'm too embarrassed to ask my dad. ; A ;
Fighting spirit! Have courage! DX>

Oh yeah, btw, you know that Algebra II exam I was freaking out about? I studied for all the wrong things and ended up guessing on over half the questions...AND SCORED A 93. :iconimhappyplz:
Fighting spirit! DUMB LUCK! **shot**

Today is the first day of summer vacation. :)

...And tomorrow I have SATs~! Ha ha ha ha ha ha HA-FFFFFFFFFF!! :iconffffplz:



Exam Woes

Tue Jun 2, 2009, 6:31 PM
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  • Reading: things flying a mile high over my head
  • Playing: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
  • Drinking: tea

</u>So I came home skipping and screaming for joy today at the prospect of never having to look at my History teacher's face ever again. The notion that maybe I didn't do terribly on the test sure was a spirit-lifter, as well.
Seriously, I love history and all, but I swear my AP teacher from hell would have been the bane of me...IF NOT FOR MY JAPANESE FIGHTING SPIRIT! (*A*)9" GANBATTE! ...And my inclination to do the bare minimum of work. **shot**

Then I looked at my next exam review and discovered that I am almost CERTAINLY going to fail the algebra exam. I honestly don't think that I learned a single thing. All. Year.


So now I'm sitting here trying my best to understand things that were supposed to have been taught early on in the semester. (Unfortunately for me, I had an awesome teacher last semester, but this semester they dumped me off on some dumb airhead.)

If this is math...

Then this is my head.


**sniff** I wish I could trade brains with Shin. Or anyone who gets this stuff, really.
When in my life am I going to give a flying f*** about exponential functions, anyways?

Maybe I should fake a stroke during the test. That would be easier than actually passing it, IMO.

I wasn't even supposed to take these exams, except that I got a cold and missed one TAKS test. "You'll have to make it up in the summer. Oh, and we have no guarantee that you'd have passed it, so we're making you take ALL the exams!"



  • Listening to: Unlimited (Nanase Aikawa)
  • Reading: Hetalia
  • Playing: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

</u>Even though it's one of my favorite games of all time (second to the Legend of Zelda series), I haven't really talked about Final Fantasy Tactics Advance as much as I'd have liked to. : (This is my third round playing it, btw)

But I was reading the "Just Bugs Me" page on TvTropes, and felt the urge to share my thoughts. So here we go! Get your earplugs prepared.


(For those of you who have never played FF:TA, here's a quick synopsis: Marche and friends, all miserable with their lives in their own ways, find a magical book that takes them to the world of Ivalice. In Ivalice, they've got everything they've ever wanted and are happy, at the cost of giving up the real world. Marche believes that this is wrong, and that they should go back to reality. He spends the entire time trying to destroy Ivalice, while his friends spend the entire time trying to stop him.)

A lot of people seem hung up on the debate of whether you're playing the hero of the story or the villain. Whatever side you take on the debate, whether you support escapism or not seems to factor heavily into most people's decision.

Personally, I don't agree with escapism. It's unhealthy. And, lo and behold, I've always felt that Marche was the hero of the story.

This is the way I see it:

1. If I woke up in a different world, where magic and monsters existed, I'd be very, very fearful for my mental health. I certainly would not accept it as a better alternative to the crapsack real world.

2. Save for Doned (who in the real world is bound to a wheelchair), the rest of the children have problems that are not too terrible to deal with. Yes, their situations are all sad, but not unique. A lot of people have grown up just fine in the real world dealing with similar problems.

(Well...scratch what I said before; they're not all sad. Ritz's story is neither sad nor unique. It's just lame. She's wangsty cause her hair is white? It's called albinism, dummy. You can't compare hair color problems to losing your mother/father, neglect, or a crippling medical condition.)

3. I realize that they had family problems, but come on. Didn't Doned or Ritz consider the feelings of their mothers when they suddenly up and disappeared?

4. As supported by the intro, where you can see real-world people changing into Ivalice inhabitants, people in the real world became part of the illusion. In the mission where you help Prof. Auggie, you can clearly see that the zombies you kill have the same names as the boys who bullied Mewt in the beginning of the game. Therefore, it's clear that some people became monsters and whatnot, which would mean that while the main characters are enjoying their new lives, others are suffering for it. (Also apparently, in the Japanese version, it's said that countless innocent people are dying in the nonstop battles of Ivalice.) If Marche's friends realized this, and had any decency, they'd want to change the world back, too.

5. Mewt is a whiny douche with the mentality of a toddler. He's not fit to be the prince or the ruler of a country. Case closed.

Really, when it came down to it, the only character I had any sympathy for (besides Marche) was Doned. Other than that, everyone else and their mom was a selfish jerk.

Another thing I wanted to talk about is Llednar Twem. That guy....UUURRRGGGHHhlasjfl;wajioerkbsdf. :iconffffplz:

That's a character that I LOVE to HATE LOATHE. The first time I saw a picture of him, I thought, "Hm...he might be cool-looking if not for that faggy pink getup." The second time I saw him (in the game), I thought, "AUGH, THIS GUY IS A D*CK."

Seriously. One of the most frustrating and coolly contempt villains I've ever met. "You can't hope to beat me." "Just give it up, you can't win." BLABLABLABLABLA.

And the worst part is? HE'S RIGHT.

You cannot inflict damage on him until the very last battle. It is beyond frustrating, because you can't even get in a good punch to feel better while he's mouthing off at you.

(And if you never noticed that his name is Mewt Randell backwards...)

And the mere fact that he's an avatar GOD-MODDING VERSION of Mewt makes me dislike him. I hate every aspect of Mewt. His personality is repulsively annoying at best, he's whiny, and even his HAIR just screams, "THERE'S NO WAY YOU CAN TAKE ME SERIOUSLY!"

Seriously. Go look at his hair. It's fine before he goes to Ivalice, but after that he just looks like a gay renaissance version of the devil. And that bear he carries around is vaguely reminiscent of another bear we all know.

And really, what's that staff for? Everyone knows Mewt couldn't cast magic of any form to save his life. :

I even dislike his mom. For catering to her spoiled brat's every whim. If I had a son that acted like that, I'd do some serious attitude adjustment. (I know MY parents never allowed me to act that whiny!)


Hm, now that I look at this, this turned out to be a big rant. And yet it's one of the best games I've ever played.

Oh well, no one likes reading nice stuff anyways. :shrug: **shot**


Story and a Video!

Thu May 28, 2009, 7:38 PM
  • Listening to: Toten Sie Sie (Kou Ootani)
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  • Watching: Hetalia &quot;U&quot;
  • Playing: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
  • Drinking: milk

</u>@__@ Possibly the most amazing fanmade animation I have ever seen.



I might have been tricked into thinking it was the actual anime, if not for the fact that it showed several characters that never appear in the animated series (also, the parts with the wind blowing are a bit jerky, but other than that...).

That was amazing. I feel like a loser animator in comparison, but at the same time completely inspired. I have to work harder!! (*д*)9"


I just realized that my list of stamps has grown so big that I entirely forgot about my shoutbox. @__@ I got Rick Roll'd and didn't realize it...OTL

Oh hey, I've got a DISGUSTING story to tell you!


Okay, so I was up really late the other night doing homework, right? It's 2:30 in the morning, and I had school the next day, so I was like, "Screw this stupid project, I want to sleep! I should get some rest."

So I dutifully turn off my computer, clean off my desk, and gather up my papers. I swivel around in my chair, glance down at the floor near my door, and...

...I saw...


I'm talking enormous. Like, three inches long, AT LEAST. And that's not counting the antennae.

And I know for a fact it's my Parent's fault it got in, because they left the doors wide open that very day. I swear to GOD, we're always getting wasps and beetles and crickets and flies and who knows what else, because they keep doing that. D:<

So of course, I'm caught between :iconimhorrifiedplz: "HOLY@#$&*^@#$*&#^$#@!!" and :iconffffplz: "OH HELL NAW!"

Without even pausing to think, I threw a shoe at it.

Of course, I missed.

So it runs off under a rather large and heavy chest, which I have no hope of lifting, and waits there.

It's two thirty in the morning.

I'm freaking tired.

I have to wake up in three hours.


I ended up sitting on the edge of my bed for thirty minutes waiting for that thing to move, holding an old shoe, while crying miserably.

When it finally came out, I used all of my long-ago-apartment-dweller-knowledge and readied my shoe.


It isn't very effective...

COCKROACH was knocked over!


...But, it failed!

No! There's no fleeing from a BUG-type battle!


It's super effective!

COCKROACH fainted died...!



Wait! I only appeared to be caught dead!


So basically, I came down on it with my mighty shoe, and appeared to be victorious. Seriously, it was pretty awesome; I cleanly severed it's head off of the body. FATALITY, bi-otch!

...Or so I thought.

Apparently, I forgot that roaches can live without their heads. This is the part where you shudder in disgust and horror. So while the body was trapped under the shoe, the antennae were still waving around frantically on it's head.

I kid you not.

Yes, I was mortified.

I was so disturbed that I ended up sleeping in the gameroom with the lights on. Needless to say, I didn't sleep much.

The next morning, it was still alive(?)/moving.

I cried.

My mom took pity on me and cleaned up the remains. I am still traumatized by the experience.

But at the same time, I'm not as afraid of killing bugs as I used to be. :

So the moral of the story is: If it's conveniently possible, USE BUG SPRAY.
In my case, it was neither convenient or possible, so...yeah.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I tried to weaken it first with perfume. It didn't work very well; it escaped from the pokeball it just ended up smelling nice.


why are there school?

Sat May 23, 2009, 7:21 PM
  • Listening to: Spinning Song (Len &amp; Rin Kagamine)
  • Reading: Hetalia
  • Playing: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

is a point to it?</u>

Look how beautifully the question and the wording play off of each other! Wonderful, encore!

The internet truly is a pathetic amusing place.

I'm fond of these WikiHow articles as well:… **facepalm** It takes eleven steps, gaiz.

WAIT, THEY DIDN'T SAY HOW TO BUTTER IT!… That's another three steps. Really? Possibly the worst thing ever.,-Sce… Disregard my last comment, please.

I need something to cheer me up after that. =3=

But wait, don't eat too many cookies! You might end up like this!

I think I might have shared this site with y'all before, but whatever. One more round won't kill you, eh?

Oh god, did I just say "y'all"? ಠ__ಠ THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU'RE TEXAN.

Did you know in Texas we've got road signs saying things like, "Terrorists Don't Mess with Texas: REMEMBER THE ALAMO"? If I remember correctly, we got our a**es handed to us at the Alamo.

And besides that, who relates terrorists to the Alamo?

The Texas heat is finally coming back. =ヮ= Most people would probably complain, but I think it's great. I missed the warmth.

Now, if it starts getting into the hundreds again, I'mma probably start complaining. Probably. We'll see.

Well that was a good distraction. I've been rather down lately and have been trying to preoccupy myself.

And with that I bid you...


...Beast. That's totally my new catchphrase.


Dumb Ideas

Sat May 16, 2009, 3:16 AM
  • Listening to: Let's Boil Hot Water!
  • Reading: FMA
  • Playing: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

</u>Sometimes I get ideas in my head that seem silly or way out there, but I want to try out anyways. Like lately I've been thinking, "If I deliberately forced insomnia upon myself, would I become a little delusional?"

But then inevitably, an even stupider thought will interrupt.

"Aaaaaaah! ≧д≦;; I got a ketchup stain on my brand-new pants!!"


"If I were smart, I'd say that slight rustling noise was just wind. But since I'm paranoid, I say it's someone about to break into my house, stab me to death, and rob my family blind. Better dial 9-1-1 and hold my thumb over the 'call' button just in case."


"Uuugh, I need to do laundry. And I have a bunch of homework. And all that other stuff... But I think I'll draw instead. =ヮ= **shot**"

Yes, I shoot myself mentally.


"I'm depressed, why don't I get it!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!"


"It might just be an accidental shooting!!"


In regards to that last, second-to-last one, it seems like when I'm not preoccupied, I constantly think about thinks I should be doing, need to be doing, or promised to do and am not doing. (So I try to keep preoccupied all of the time. **shot**)

So it seems like not only does procrastination/flat-out-forgetfulness get me in trouble and makes me look bad, it also eats brain space that I could be using for other thoughts. =A= I worry about this, because I'm a tightwad at heart, and I want all of the space I can get.

I work less and thus lose valuable thinking time worrying about working.

If I work harder to free up thinking time, then...well, I'd have to work harder.

.................................................No, I can't follow that. Thought is too powerful and infinite. (Kind of like space. Have you ever tried to wrap your mind around something that never ends? It's really dizzying.)

Speaking of power, you know that saying "With great power comes great responsibility?"

Well, other than it being a huge moral-shoved-into-your-face, I think it would do well as this instead: "With great power comes great arrogance."

Nowadays that's more fitting. We don't need responsibility in this day and age, because we've got insurance companies, lawyers, and rehab centers.

Also, Japanese fashions are ridiculous.

But of course, we already knew that...

Oh! Before I forget: new FMA chapter? Who's seen it? ;D
I ♥ me some RoyxRiza CX

Also, I just found out the other day that PBS is on Channel 8...:iconorzplz:

Shin is just as shocked as I am.


I Like German Accents

Fri May 8, 2009, 9:57 PM
  • Listening to: East Asia (Miyuki Nakajima)
  • Watching: Schindler's List
  • Playing: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

</u>:iconotlplz::iconotlplz::iconotlplz:  :iconotlplz::iconotlplz::iconotlplz:  :iconotlplz::iconemptyspaceplz::iconemptyspaceplz:
:iconotlplz::iconemptyspaceplz::iconotlplz:  :iconemptyspaceplz::iconotlplz::iconemptyspaceplz:  :iconotlplz::iconemptyspaceplz::iconemptyspaceplz:
:iconotlplz::iconotlplz::iconotlplz:  :iconemptyspaceplz::iconotlplz::iconemptyspaceplz:  :iconotlplz::iconotlplz::iconotlplz:

I BOMBED the Spanish AP test. So hard. I've never done so poorly on a test in my whole life.

Here's a breakdown of my absolute failure:
-On the Multiple Choice Section: put "C" for every answer
-On the Essay: wrote it in English
-On the Speaking Section: didn't say a single word

I don't think it's possible to do any worse than that. xD;; Do they give out negative scores in the AP grading scale? If not, they might have to make an exception for this one.

Why am I so bad at Spanish? Maybe I should have taken French instead...

Oh well, it was kind of funny ex post facto. My mom laughed at me when I told her how badly I did. xD;;

But at least I did decently on the U.S. History AP test.

Anyways, what I really wanted to talk about is the movie I finally got to see: Schindler's List.

If you haven't seen it, go rent it NOW.

It's a Spielberg movie about the Holocaust, and is based on a true story. Although a very, very few parts are in color, it was done mostly in black-and-white, for artistic effect (I presume).

I have to say, I ended up liking the character of Göth the best in the end. His actor was brilliant, had an awesome accent, and he got, in my mind, the best character development.

Of course, I do not, in any way, like the real-life Göth. Just the movie version.

I really wanted to find one of my favorite scenes on YouTube, but they don't have it. He has this semi-psychotic episode (supposedly the real Göth had psychological issues, so this portrayal could be somewhat historically accurate) during a monologue with his maid, Helen Hirsch.
The acting is just...amazing. It really drew me in. I could give you the lines, but it just doesn't do it justice when you're not hearing it straight from the source.

(So go watch it! >XU)

The next movie I want to see is The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. But they never have it in Blockbuster. Sad face. :C

I tend to appreciate books and movies about the Holocaust a lot. They're always sad, but beautifully written, and that's one of my favorite qualities in literature/cinema.

The most moving book I've ever read was by Elie Wiesel, called "Night". It's only a centimeter thick, but the impact it delivers is worth a hundred novels. I sobbed upon reading it, and even became physically sick to my stomach at one point.

I wonder if maybe I'm just moved to tears very easily...?

But yeah, to quote the New York Times, it's "a slim novel of terrifying power". If you haven't read it, you don't know what you're missing.

A long time ago, I did a picture for my favorite exert of Night. Maybe I'll redraw it...

And with that, I bid you Adieu!